Thursday, May 3, 2012

MAC Viva Glam 2012

I was introduced to the world of cosmetics at around 12 when my mum first let me play with a few MAC items that she had purchased. I became hooked. Don't worry, I was not one of those pasty Tweens you see nowadays with way too much foundation and awful clumpy mascara. I loved to play with the few  lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeshadows that I was allowed to obtain.

With them I would research application trends and style myself before it was my bedtime. My favourite collection of all was the Viva Glam lipsticks. Even at 12, I was impressed that every penny (not a portion) or the sale from my pretty new lipstick colour went to help the MAC AIDS Fund.

Now, well over a decade later, I'm still smitten with each new addition to the collection, even if they are temporary. I know it's already been out for a couple of months now,  it was actually my first beauty purchase in my new hometown after moving February, but I think MAC Cosmetics needs a special shout out for its continued excellence and for Viva Glam Nicki and Ricky.

Viva Glam Ricky ($15)

Viva Glam has now released a really awesome lip conditioner. I am very loyal to my Jo Malone, but this is a touch second. It goes on smooth and moisturizes my perpetually dry lips. It reminds me of the Jack Black lip conditioner that The Mr. loves so much. I love it because it smoothes out my lips so lipstick always looks nice and even. I'm also glad to see Ricky Martin out and about again. I was wondering what he's been up to lately, aside from a cameo on Glee.

Viva Glam Nicki ($14.50)

I mentioned on twitter (@MakeupansMaitai) that I have a soft spot for all things Nicki Minaj. Viva Glam + Nicki = One Happy Dee. I truly love this bright pink. I've been trying to more and more bold with my lip colours, and this was a nice way to add a shade of pink that I normally wouldn't touch into my favourites.

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