Friday, June 22, 2012

Fiestaware by MAC

I'm really excited about everything I write, or I probably wouldn't write about it. This one has a little special place in my heart though. Here's the back story.

When I was little I always loved Fiestaware brand dishes (if only I still had such modest taste). My plan was to grow up and have Fiestaware in every colour. Their Small Bowl is the perfect size for making Maruchan (not Nissin) ramen when you're a broke college student (with a toaster oven). Finally I got my first real apartment and I was too broke to deck out my kitchen in Fiestaware, but my mum was awesome enough to buy me a set and get me started since I left my ramen bowls with my other parent in Hawaii. I do have all mismatched dishes from when my first apartment still. The Mr. strongly dislikes them, so maybe I can convince him that we should finally get my fiesta set. It's not like I am asking for Juliska or Wedgewood. The moral of this story is, as soon as I heard MAC had a colour named Fiestaware I squealed with delight and nostalgia.

Now, this has to be one of my last nail polish purchases for awhile now. I need to cut myself off or paint each finger a different colour. I really like this one though. It is part of MAC's Casual Colors collection and it looks like part of their dedicated nail collection now. It's a cream colour, but still took three coats to get a nice clean finish. The colour itself is a nice softened red-coraly orange. I like that I can go into work tomorrow and now feel like I have over the top nails, which seems like the point to the Casual Colors collection.

I strongly suggest not passing out on the couch after housecleaning and doing your nails because you probably will have little marks all over your fingertips. Thankfully, I had taken my pictures before my catnap with Maitai.

All in all Fiestaware Nail Lacquer ($16) makes for a great addition to shoebox of polishes. Now to go price out some dishes.

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