Friday, June 22, 2012

Powder to the People and BOOYAH!!!

I am such a sucker for Polka dotted things and things with funny names. MAC's Beth Ditto collection offers both. I only got two things so I don't feel too guilty about buying into yet another MAC Summer collection.

Powder to the People is intended to be some sort of an eye pallet, but I'm not so sold on that idea. I played around with the colour on my eyes, but I prefer it much more as a blush blended together. I bought it for the Polka dots not the practicality, but that does make it one pricey blush at $38. It could be worse I guess. I'm still quite happy with it.

BOOYAH!!! Of course I needed a bright flippin' orange lip cream. This guy is quite pigmented. I'd show of picture of it on my, but my pimples just look too awful to be seen on the internet! (side note, I need to find a good anti-redness cream that doesn't make me break out). The Pro Longwear Lipcreme ($17) is kind of an awkward tube to use, but with enough wear the stick should settle more to the shape of my lips.

Just a hint of colour.

It's a'ight, but it looks much better on the cheeks.

The rest of the collection looked pretty cool, but I'm trying to retain myself since there are going to be a lot of awesome new releases in the next coming month. For now, here's swatches.

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