Friday, June 1, 2012

Still Crazy About Mad Men (and Estée Lauder)

First, I waited for what felt like forever for the fifth season of Mad Men to come out. Then, I was a little disappointed that it just wasn't as saucy as it had been in the past. Now, with only two episodes left. I'm back to the edge of my seat. Well, I am pretty excited to see what happens next.

Mad Men is a fun show to watch just to see how Janie Bryant, costumer designer, dresses all of my favourite characters. It was Christina Hendricks' figure hugging dresses have made me feel more confident about rocking my own curves. I feel that everyone can use a little Mad Men inspiration in their wardrobe.

Banana Republic did a collaboration with the show and designed some really neat pieces, but I was more excited by the Estée Lauder collection that came out back in March.

There are only two pieces to it, but much to love about 'em.

A Tiny Tube of Cherry Lipstick

Yes, the tube is tiny, but I love that Estée Lauder made the point of putting it in the same that the company used in the 1960's. Tubes of lipstick were just that small and that's OK, it packs quite a punch. The Cherry Lipstick ($25) goes on nice and smooth. It has quite a bit of colour to it was still having an element of sheer. It is a comfortable red for me, since I still shy away from colourful lips (most of the time).

Compact of Creme Rouge

This Creme Rouge blush in Evening Rose ($40) accompanies the lipstick perfectly. The pinky red shade is a nice basic blush shade to use for nearly anything. It is easy to apply with a brush as easy to blend with your fingers. The compact is the only piece of the twofer that has Mad Men embossed on it showing that it belongs to a particular collection.

I'm still very happy with these pieces. They will definitely keep me occupied long enough while I wait for Season 6.

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