Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oldies but Goodies, Adding to the Nars Collection

I short while ago I decided that I needed more NARS in my assortment. I made a list of colours that I liked, but then decided that all of it might blow my budget. I trimmed my list to just a few new additions, and I'm pretty pleased with what I bought.

I now have two new lip glosses ($24), Easy Lover and Ophelia, a new blush ($28), Sex Appeal, and an Ita brush ($39).

A friend of mine with a much darker complexion bought Easy Lover, the bright pink one, months ago and I really liked it on her. It is a sheer bright pink and I was pleased that it worked pretty well on me as well.

I always liked the name Ophelia, the mauvier one, so I was curious to see what this lip gloss looked like. When I first swatched it I was impressed by how nice and simple it is. I feel like I can always just through this in my bag when I just don't know who to wear on my lips. It's a little more beige than Orgasm.

So, I ordered these all from a friend of mine back home, and I wish my friend had warned me just how light Sex Appeal was. His comment after I told him was that it's "more natural". Sex Appeal is so a minuet shade of lighter pink than that of my natural skin tone.

I was a little sad at first until I was playing with it over the Taj Mahal blush. It blended it, but added that extra little  lighter pink. It looked so pretty. For me, Sex Appeal might not be the most used blush in my assortment, but it will certainly come in handy adding that extra little third demension to my blushes.

Meet Ita, she's my new favourite little blending brush. Now, I love to use this brush to blend my blush in. 

Here's me with Easy Lover.

And here's me with Ophelia.

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