Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Big "O" from Nars

I will admit that I do love almost everything from NARS, and that includes the Orgasm collection. For my second attempt at a blog entry I tried to focus around using all of it. I even tried doing my nails again, without much luck. NARS Orgasm pieces include an Illuminator ($30), a Mutiple ($39), a Lip Gloss ($24), a Blush ($28), and a Nail Polish ($18).

I even went without foundation for this. I used quite a bit of concealer though and then added the NARS Illuminator. It ends up really pink on my skin, so I think I should try out Copacabana or stick with my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. I will still use it for touch ups and when I need to even out my complexion. 

I then played around with the Multiple. When using it on my cheeks I have to make sure to blend it well. I could have done a better job of doing so just under my cheek. I tried to use it on my eyes and lips, but I'm not quite sold. For me, it is a little too dry for my lips. Sides, I have the Lip Gloss for that. 

Traces of the multiple can be seen just above the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow.

This is my first time doing swatches. Next time I will try and use natural light.

Since I couldn't fit the Orgasm blush on my swatching arm, I though I would add some Super Orgasm, which is regular Orgasm with sparkle. 

Here is another terrible try at painting my nails, but I like how light and peachy the Nail Polish is. 

Maitai says "Meow" which seems pretty close to "Ciao"

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