Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bubbles! Philosophy Style

I took advantage of Philosophy's Friends and Family 30%. I should have invested in a little more into a haul (like added some Mimosa) so I could have taken advantage of their Free Shipping on orders over $50. With shipping on my two little items (plus pumps), I realized that I didn't actually save that much. I'm still quite happy none the less. I really enjoy Philosophy bubble bath/shower gel and all the food inspired flavours. I also really enjoy bubble baths and buying these are meant to be a good reminder that I need to take more time to just relax and have one.

My two choices were Señorita Margarita and Cabana Girl. I really enjoy the limey smell of Señorita Margarita. My favourite beverage is the margarita, so one of these nights I might have to partake in a margarita in a margarita smelling bubble bath. The recipe is right on the bottle, although I've always been the type to just use the Jose Cuervo pre-made mix. I digress. Back to Philosophy! The bottle of Cabana Girl is a fruity guava flavour, much less intense than lime for a nice relaxing candlelit bubble bath.

Sixteen ounces ($16) lasts for quite some time in my house (except or when my mum's in town). These two will get plenty of use still.


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