Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature: Lightyear and Supernova

So... I've recently decided that I am also on a beauty budget. That means I can't buy into collections as much as I would like to. More money towards college, and less on fun because it's all supposed to pay off, right?

This time, I only bought two out of nearly three dozen items in MAC's Heavenly Creature. I now have another "Skinfinish," or illuminating product, Lightyear, and the currently sold out Supernova blush.

I enjoy that Lightyear is a light pinky nude with the swirls of shimmer.

When I have it on, the shimmer definitely shows and if I'm too heavy applying I look something like a Roman statue, or maybe a Heavenly Creature?

Supernova was sold out everywhere so quickly to its release. I was patient and checked in frequently. Then, BAM it was in stock again for a quick second. I was so excited, I accidentally ordered two. It's bright flippin' pink with a light coppery gold swirl. I wanted to pick something different.

Supernova is too bright for me. I had to tone it down with blending and more Skin Finish. It meets that something different that I was looking for, but I will have to use sparingly on my light complexion.

Overall, I really like what I have of this mineralize collection. I might want to pick up more, but I also have to keep in mind that there are a ton of Fall collections coming out, and my student budget just can't buy everything. As much as I would live for that to be so. =)

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