Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer: Burnished Rouge

The Tom Ford Nail Lacquers caught my eye a little while ago. We don't have them available anywhere that I have seen up here in the Northwest so I had my friend back home in San Francisco send me one while I was getting some NARS pieces. They are definitely pricey at $30 per tiny bottle, but I was intrigued by the beautiful almost iridescent colours.

I stuck with just one to try and I'm glad I did. One coat it not enough to give the really awesome sheen, but I had the worst time once i put on two coats. The nail polish just would not dry! Every time I thought that my nails were dry enough to do more than just sit there with my fingers stretched out, a nail or two would get messed up, so I would have to redo them. I gave myself plenty of time before bed and I ended up with each one smooshed come the next day. I was actually a little sadden because I really liked the colour of the Burnished Rouge. Maybe it will work on my toes when I have a day of open toed shoes so that they have plenty of time to dry sufficiently.

It's just so pretty!

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