Saturday, May 12, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets, Myth

I admit, I am not fashionista. I like to follow trends that I think are fun, but also pull my inspiration from a very common source, television. That's pretty normal, except for the shows that I'm pulling my style from.

When Spartacus: Blood and Sand came out I just had to buy this gladiator-esque dress with gladiator sandals (of course). I was pretty late in the game with watching Dexter, but after becoming a fan, I wanted that ├╝ber nude lip colour that Michael C. Hall has. I found it in MAC with Myth.

I could not withhold my excitement when I found out that the latest MAC collection is Fashion Sets based on their popular colours. There would now be a matching Tinted Lipglass ($14.50) and Nail Lacquer ($16) to go along with the original Lipstick ($14.50).

I was surprised when I got all three together and noticed that each share is a little different than the other.

The Lipstick has some pink to it. The nail polish has some pink as well. The camera doesn't show it well, so it looks mostly beige. The Lipglass is mostly beige with very little pink. They all go on so well though.

This is with just the Lipstick on. Sorry if everything else doesn't look as good as it should. I took this after a long and hot work day.

Here's with the Lipglass added on top.

And here is the Nail Lacquer. It's not great, but I can honestly say that I have improved, a little. I picked up the Nail Lacquer in Chestnut and chose to do it as an accent nail on the ring finger. I love how smooth the Nail Lacquer is. It went on so well, I didn't even need a second coat. I am overall satisfied with my set of Myth. I might have to pick up a few additional colours. 

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