Friday, May 4, 2012

Nearly a Decade of Eyes

Writing about MAC Cosmetics last night made me feel a little nostalgic. I went through some of my old pictures and took note of my changing style, especially with my eye makeup. Two things stood out. Second, I was much bolder with the crazy colours when I was 17 and, second, how did I ever get by without all the things I so attached to now. I think, "What did I ever do without... (defining my eyebrows, illuminator, concealer, liquid foundation, etc)?"


I was all about this corally pink and yellow that year. I had to have eye shadows to match. Turquoise eye liner, why not? I love so attached to that eye liner. Somewhere I might even still have it in an old make up bag.


For a portion of nineteen I was an island girl on Hawai'i. I had already stopped with the dramatic colours and here I am with nothing but my sun kissed freckles. How would I wake up in the morning and feel so comfortable without any makeup?!

I wish I had some photos from when I was 20. I was all about this silver cream shadow from MAC, everyday. What was I thinking?


I was introduced to Bobbi Brown. I got a chance to try different foundations, tinted moisturizer, (oh!) and bleaching my hair. I found my favourite foundation, Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation with SPF 25 ($46). It felt so light and went on so smooth (I used a sponge for application).


Skincare and Jo Malone. I remember walking around the cosmetics department of Bloomingdale's with the supervisor explaining all his favourites to me. This brought me to a whole new luxury. With La Prarie Marine Biology Tonic ($95) and Sisley Botanical Moisturizer with Cucumber (recently marked up to $170) I made sure my skin was being well cared for, with or without makeup on. I'm so glad that I'm not battling wrinkles yet, or it's going to get pricey now that I only want the good stuff. The other major addition to my routine, defining my sad little eyebrows. I should have listened to my mother when I was in my teens. As so for everything else, I tried to take in as much as I could, from techniques to how differ brushed produce different results. I loved spending a 15 minute break in the beauty department.


Not too far from 23, I still keep my style very similar. Now, however, I'm obsessed with new trends and products. As for today, I was running late, so I had to keep it simple, but as soon as I find the time, I'm going go crazy with the glam eyes or even try and recreate one of those prior looks of mine.

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