Friday, May 4, 2012

NARS Nail Polish

The night before last I just had to stop by my neighborhood Nordstrom looking for the new releases. They, unfortunately, did not have the collection I intended on purchasing, but they did have two of the new NARS sets. In the mood for painting my nails, I gravitated towards to nail polishes.

NARS just released both their Thakoon collaboration nail polishes inspired by he spring Thakoon collection, as well as Summer 2012.

Both are really neat and I cannot wait to pick up more pieces but the store was literally closing within a few minutes so I went with the first two things that caught my eye. Also, as I had mentioned, I really wanted something I could paint my nails with. I chose Kutki ($18) from the Thakoon for NARS and the Trouville ($18) from Summer 2012.

I'm still terrible at painting my nails. I was even told (by family) I should really leave it up to the professionals. I thought I would at least have a little fun with the two colours, but settled on the plain pinkiness of the Trouville. It dries much pinker than I had originally expected. In fact, the two colours together reminded me a lot of painted Easter eggs. The pastel blue of the Kutki would be a fun all over colour for my nails, but work insists on "natural" colour polish. Kutki will have to wait until either my next day off or until my toes need redoing. I can't promise I'll be attempting "tips" again any time soon.

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