Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smokey Eye (happy birthday li'l sis)

As the title mentions this posting is dedicated to my little sister, Nadj. Today is her 20th birthday, and now I feel so old!

A couple of times I have given her makeup sets so she can play around and learn how to compile a smokey eye. My mum has told me that they just don't come out the way they should (as good as her older sister's smoldering lids, jk!).

For my sister's birthday, I am going to make a step by step tutorial for my basic Smokey Eye. I'm definitely not an expert and there are tons of others that might explain better, but this one is special because it's for Nadj.

Step .5
Prep Work

One of the frustrating things about the smoking eye is that it can smudge and make you look like a hot mess rather than a hot mama. This is preventable though! I now use a little bit of eye cream under my eyes and on the lid. This extra moisture will help keep everything in place.

Step 1
Frame and Focus

I thought nothing of it years ago, but a while ago I realized how important it is to shape your eye brows. They really help to frame the face. Even just some shadow or light strokes with a pencil really help to emphasis the focal points to the eyes. I like Benefit's Brow-zings ($30).

Step 2
Set Up Base

I recently started using a cream shadow (Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Nude Beach, $24) for my eye shadow base. It's great because it goes on easily, blends well with other shadows, and helps to prevent that crease that sometimes develops over the course of the day (or night). I also like it because it creates a nice smooth base to put my shadow on.

Step 3

Since there will be a lot of dark and heavy shadow going on the best thing to do is go for a light pearly shade all over. From just under the brow and all over the lid I use Bobbi Brown's Eyeshadow in Bone ($21).

Step 4
Just a Shade of Grey

Now this is the part where I start the layering. With a traditional smokey eye I just try to find a nice steel grey colour from about the crease of my eye to the lash line. I blend a little into my all over colour and then I'm on to the next. Instead of a grey shade any colour will do if you're looking to add some "pop".

Step 5

Here is where I like to take flat eye liner brush or even my smudge brush to add my black shadow from the lash line to about a quarter to maybe even a third way up the eye lid. I also will add a little on the lower lash line. Then, smooth everything together. I like to use my fluffier eye shadow brush.

Step 6
Walk the Line

Line the lids. Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($22) works best for me. It can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but with practice it is worth it to master gel eyeliner application.

Step 7
Load it up with Mascara

Smokey eyes need some bold lashes to go with 'em. I like to start with the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Primer and Serum ($28) followed with Diorshow Backstage Makeup ($25).

I hope this tutorial helps, Nadj. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Thanks a bunch Dee, I should try this very soon! Love from your sister x