Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What to Do When Running Late

Today, like most other days I was running late for work. It's never my intention, but my mornings just go by so quickly. Unlike other mornings though, I wanted to get out of the house rather than show up within my ten minute grace period.

I was inspired by the jewelry set that The Mr. bought my and my Crislu CZ stud earrings (Mr. needs to buy me the matching David Yurman earrings in the set). Anyways, off my tangent. My outfit today was cute and simple with pretty and simples jewelry to match. I thought my makeup could reflect that. I quickly grabbed NARS Blush in Orgasm ($28) and MAC Highlighting Powder in Crew ($29) for a nice all over glow. I skipped all eye makeup and left the house with MAC Lip Conditioner ($15). I should mention that this was all after my primer, foundation, and concealer. Some things I feel too naked without.

Here you can kind of see the necklace that The Mr. got me, but my overall look was quite simple. A top, cardigan, and comfy pants. What else could a girl need? Oh, and a scarf.

I made it to work on time and still felt confident with my look. Yay! This look could also come in handy for the next surprise Driver's License photo.

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